Do You Own a restaurant, Retail Store, Medical or Professional practice, Automotive, Coffee Shop, Salon or Spa?


Trying To Figure Out How To Reach The New Movers, New Families and New Residents Moving Into Your Neighborhood?

Town Hall Guide sends a new mover welcome packet to the new residents in the community with great gift cards from local businesses, but not just ANY business. We pick the best of the best and offer them exclusivity, so that new mover will establish a long term relationship with that business.

If you are a local business that feels your business is the best of the best,
or if you know of a business that should be spotlighted in our welcome kits - please reach out to me.

The Business Types We Typically Work With Include...

Salons and Spas

Health and Fitness

Auto Repair
Consignment Stores
Home Services

The business people we work with typically hold the following titles...

✓ LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS looking for a proven advertising methodology that can RAPIDLY GROW their small business 30-120% in 12 months by owning their NEIGHBORHOOD and connecting directly with NEW MOVERS and NEW RESIDENTS.

✓ PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE OWNERS that need a turnkey MARKETING SYSTEM that works to increase the number of ideal clients, customers or patients calling and scheduling appointments and creates a PROFITABLE revenue generating practice.

✓ SMALL BUSINESSES that struggle with getting SALES and MARKETING teams to do the things that they need to be doing every single day to increase revenue, gain more customers, more visibility and increase profitability.

✓ CEO's & PRESIDENTS that would like to increase REVENUE and PROFITS with a METRICS driven FRAMEWORK for BUSINESS SUCCESS that will enable you to out-smart, out-market and out-sell your competition...and dominate your market.

✓ ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS that need a BUSINESS GROWTH PLAN that generates more leads, more conversions, more transactions, higher prices and increased profits.

✓ SALES PROFESSIONALS that need a SALES ENABLEMENT process to prepare sales professionals for business conversations with all levels of executives and management within a prospect organization resulting in higher win rates, deal size and sales velocity.

✓ MARKETING PROFESSIONALS that need to MARKETING STRATEGY PLAN to revitalize their marketing and build a compelling "market dominating messaging", integrated with their entire marketing portfolio.

✓ EVENT PLANNERS & ASSOCIATIONS looking for a speaker that provides SALES TRAINING, MARKETING and STRATEGY tactics that your attendees can put to use right away for their own business growth.

Our largest corporate clients that entrust us include Orkin, Raytheon, Corning, Insperity, and ABB, so be assured that you can trust us too. Regardless of size and business title, all of our clients have one thing in common — they are growth directed and want to improve business success and increase revenue. However, growing revenue is never easy and in today’s economic environment it can become almost overwhelming. That is where we add value – we build revenue capture success systems.